The Story Behind “Sous La Silhouette”

One night I ventured into the park with my beloved redheaded beauty. We walked for a while admiring nature and enjoying our simple conversations. Setting up a hammock, the sun set and night had befallen us. Looking up, the trees and its branches were irregular and vast. The bark was black and without detail in the night scene. The moon was shining brightly down upon us through an open area in the canopy. The night air was crisp and fresh… Inspirational.  All of this is the backdrop of my creativity. “Sous La Silhouette” means “Beneath the Silhouette”, and that’s exactly what it is. The song itself reflects the coolness of the night air. The mystery of the shadows. The brilliance of the full moon. Most importantly it reflects the way I felt in that very moment. Forever captured in a song. Forever remembered in a language without words. “Sous la Silhouette” will be released on my second piano solo album. If you’d like to experience the night that I did, follow the blog to know when the album is released. I hope I painted a vivid picture for you. More updates and “Stories Behind the Songs” on !

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