Looking Through the Rain

Looking Through the Rain is the title of my debut piano-solo album. I started to compose at the age of thirteen, my first composition being “For Emily”. I continued to write and in July of 2014 I recorded the first four songs I had written up to that point. “For Emily”, “Ambrosia”, Tattered Memories”, and “Those Days”. I continued to write, write, write all the way up until December of 2015 when I recorded the last eleven songs of the album. I still continue to write and I am even looking ahead to the second album! If you follow this blog and follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be notified of new posts. We are always doing something new at Highland! My father’s album was released the same time as mine, you can check out Laments, Dreams, and Visions below. Father and son, both composers, releasing dual albums, pretty cool right?

Looking Through the Rain

Laments, Dreams, and Visions


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New Year at Highland Piano Studios!

Everything is changing as we move through our lives. Progress made, new people met, and new songs written. This summer I’ve written eight new songs destined for my next album. The overall tone of the album is light. Dreamy melodies and colorful hues… But there’s something hiding behind the mask. You’ll have to listen to find out!

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A Season of Inspiration

The past few days have had quite a big effect on me… It might be the atmosphere, the slight breeze, or maybe it’s just me… Whatever it is, it has given me an inspirational whisper…

Makes me think back to the days when the rain subsided and the weather was subdued. It was somewhat of a poetic day, maybe a day for retrospect. Maybe a day for reconciliation. To me the poet and the musician are one. We both express our thoughts the same way, just with another medium. Creativity is sparked and an idea is conveyed, maybe seveal ideas.

It all depends on the day. The winds speak to us differently when we’re not awake.


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Synth Dreams is growing!

As I stated in my last blog post, I have continued to grow my “Synth Dreams” album. I now have 10 songs uploaded in total. I am planning on finishing up and uploading several more in the next two weeks. If you haven’t listened to it already, check it out for free on SoundCloud !


Here is my last post about “Synth Dreams”.


Kind of as a joke, something fun to do, I decided to put together a bunch of songs using synth instruments! I figured why not. At Highland, I used the Roland Fantom G8 to record and mix these songs. The album is called Synth Dreams, and I am continually adding to it! I added a few of my Wind Trios and piano scores as well! For the moment it is only available on SoundCloud. You can check it out here : Synth Dreams 

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