Summer Music Tips ~ Keep Music as a part of your Summer


J. Brooks Academy of Music

With warmer weather and longer days, the temptation increases to leave the piano practice aside!  Being from northern Ontario, we know that our days of summer are all too short and sweet, so we take advantage of them while we can!  For anyone who’s taken lessons before, they know that if they spend the whole summer not practicing, there’s going to be a lot of re-learning in September.  Not the best plan for the aspiring music student. Summer music lessons are the best option to keep those piano skills sharp, but if you’re not able to do that, here are some tips for keeping music in your summer.

1.  Backyard BBQ concerts ~ Put away the ipod dock and speakers and provide musical entertainment for your next outdoor part on a REAL instrument. If you play guitar, flute, or another “mobile” instrument serenade your guests with live dinner music.  Even the…

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