Coffee and Scarlatti

Today I decided that some coffee might be helpful to my work. Actually I didn’t think this I already knew it. At least it made a good excuse to grab some JOE!

As I was sipping my coffee ( or should I say chugging? )  I was doing my research on the composer Domenico Scarlatti. I already knew a bit about him from when I had studied his music, but I found out a bunch of other cool info about this baroque composer! ( I’ll post my report on him when I finish! )

I’ve always loved the harpsichord, you know, that instrument that was the pre-piano ? Bach played it and wrote some of his greatest compositions on this instrument! Scarlatti used the harpsichord as well, matter of fact he was born the same year as Bach! I have always wanted one, supposedly you can make them yourself! (if you’re willing to pay the big bucks) Maybe in the future I’ll be able to get my piano-playing fingers on one!

That’s it for today, I want to be more frequent posting on the site. If you want more, follow the blog and tell your friends about it!

Au revoir!

– Patrick Lee

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