Wind Trios…not really wind

Yes me and dad had much fun with this, as with anything musical… Writing music for multiple instruments is a comfortable change from piano solo music. Even if you aren’t a classical music buff, take a listen and see if you like….. ( hint to like our facbook pages ) 🙂

Patrick Lee Hébert

My son and I began writing trios for woodwinds recently. The problem was neither of us played the three instruments oboe,flute and bassoon. So…electronic methods were conveyed to us. We wrote them in Sibelius; a notation program. It was fun to use the skills I learned in music school all those years before. The one I wish to share with you today is called ” Medieval fair.” It has roots in early Bach and being in the key of A minor…sounds a bit like an old fair in the medieval period to me. Listen here: Trio in Am

Also…here is my son Patrick’s Soundcloud site:  Patrick’s sounds

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