The Story Behind “Looking Through the Rain”

When you hear “Looking Through the Rain” what do you think of? A young girl sitting on a park bench, night fallen, downpour….. An old man with nothing left but an old picture, thinking back on what used to be… Soaked by the thick rain…. Tell me, have you ever been here?

When I wrote “Looking Through the Rain” it really happened all at once. It started out just as an idea, the part you first heard was all I had begun to write. I had toyed with the idea a bit, trying this, trying that… But mostly I couldn’t get it out of my head.

One night I was out in the park, it was already dark out. I was under a patio, on a bench…. Rain pouring down… There was a tree, all in sillouette to my left… A path, curving out of view, was illuminated by the soft orange glow of the lamp above… The pathway was covered in water… The downpour was so heavy, and the sky was black….

When I looked to see this, I saw it a different way. It wasn’t about looking at the rain anymore… I was looking through it, and I could hear the song as clear as day. I didn’t just see my song, I also saw the others on the album. It was all clear on this seemingly dreadful night… I wrote the poem right away, and put down the first recording of it not long after.

So now, why don’t you listen to the song, and read the poem I wrote about that very same night. You will see how I turned this picture into sound.

Get “Looking Through the Rain” HERE


Now the poem…………..


Looking through the rain

With forbidden eyes

Seeing the unknown

Through the swaths of water falling

Down… down… down…


I see the pathway

It’s old and sacred

I’m not sure where it leads

But I’d like to find out…

There’s water almost covering it

The grass on either side is submerged

Water of the past…..

It has seen the makings of history


The tree is in shadow

I cannot see its details

The bark, cut and blemishes

Are all hidden


Maybe for a good reason…..


The warmth of her sitting next to me…

I can feel the water on her clothes

Seeping through mine

Onto my skin

It’s alright though… I am content

She looks into my eyes with the

Night sky above us

Stars still untouched

Eons of time has passed before their eyes

The black, ominous clouds still

Looming above our young heads

Sending down its rain

But with it your memories travel too…

Down… down… down to the ground…

Till you decide to pick them back up again

And relive the time long passed




One thought on “The Story Behind “Looking Through the Rain”

  1. Caroline Hebert says:

    Wow! My first reading of the poem and it is very good, quite thought provoking. I can certainly remember times like that in my own life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so candidly.


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