Notes to Lee

Poetry Site! First of my poems to be here online!

highland poetry

Hello everyone. Patrick Lee Hebert II here. Notes to Lee was a series of poems I wrote about a girl named Emily when I was 14. I wrote 40 of these poems in total. This one is number 28. Hope you enjoy!
When i looked into her eyes

I saw the future and its beholdings

A world of fuzzy lines

And swirling faces
Her eyes not only foretold truth

But they saw my soul

Her dreamy pupils contracted

As they saw lee
Her perspective might have been blurred seeing that spirits are real

Not knowing the evil that lurks

Hiding in the shadows
I imagine I stared stupidly as I astonished God’s creation

Not knowing what I was doing or why

Though unseen voices lay beneath the surface
The ones of remembrance

The one impossible thing to let go of

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