The sky and it’s gentle breeze…

The sky has blown a wind of inspiration to me these past few weeks. The sky has been full of clouds of diverse shape, and the breeze has been cool. We had a period of deep rain and the sky was overtaken by massive black clouds. Many of the evening views were also bright, with full orange and white colors. These had their own sense of beauty, but in a different way than the sombre, lingering storm clouds. All of these various hues and unforgettable scenes inspired me to write my newest composition “Sombre Night Sky”. I included several pictures below, and I hope to record “Sombre Night Sky” soon!


IMG_20160818_194533IMG_20160823_195937IMG_20160818_104323IMG_20160817_201432IMG_20160815_195129IMG_20160815_195108IMG_20160818_194539IMG_20160804_201126~2        IMG_20160815_195122

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