The story behind “Krazy Kat”

My family has always had numerous amounts of cats. Most of them, if not all, were  named after musicians and poets alike. One cat in particular, Dmitri Shostakovich, loved to hunt and catch birds, mice, and rabbits. Almost every day he would bring in some new “gift”. One day as I was practicing the piano, Dmitri was sitting in the sunlight, acting as if he didn’t care about the music I was playing. I looked at him and told him “Hey, I’m gonna write you a song Dmitri!” And I did! Krazy Kat was written that same day.

The song illustrates Dmitri stretching out in the sun, when all of a sudden, he spots a mouse out of the corner of his cat eye! The chase ensues, and after finally cornering the little mouse, he pleads for mercy. We’re not sure whether or not he ate the little mouse, but the song ends with Dmitri stretching out in the soft sun again.

Now that you know the story, you can listen to the song  for free!



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