Synth Dreams is growing!

As I stated in my last blog post, I have continued to grow my “Synth Dreams” album. I now have 10 songs uploaded in total. I am planning on finishing up and uploading several more in the next two weeks. If you haven’t listened to it already, check it out for free on SoundCloud !


Here is my last post about “Synth Dreams”.


Kind of as a joke, something fun to do, I decided to put together a bunch of songs using synth instruments! I figured why not. At Highland, I used the Roland Fantom G8 to record and mix these songs. The album is called Synth Dreams, and I am continually adding to it! I added a few of my Wind Trios and piano scores as well! For the moment it is only available on SoundCloud. You can check it out here : Synth Dreams 

I hope you enjoy listening, and please share with your friends! To see the newest at Highland, subscribe to !

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