A New ‘Old’ Song. Or the Same Song?

On my album “Synth Dreams” the song ”Looking Back” was recently added. This song is funny though, becuase I orchestrated the song before I finished the solo piano score! The piano version is called ” Sombre Night Sky ”’and is going to be on my next piano solo album release. Sheet music is available HERE !


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A Season of Inspiration

The past few days have had quite a big effect on me… It might be the atmosphere, the slight breeze, or maybe it’s just me… Whatever it is, it has given me an inspirational whisper…

Makes me think back to the days when the rain subsided and the weather was subdued. It was somewhat of a poetic day, maybe a day for retrospect. Maybe a day for reconciliation. To me the poet and the musician are one. We both express our thoughts the same way, just with another medium. Creativity is sparked and an idea is conveyed, maybe seveal ideas.

It all depends on the day. The winds speak to us differently when we’re not awake.


Feeling poetic?  visit Highland Poetry 

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