A New ‘Old’ Song. Or the Same Song?

On my album “Synth Dreams” the song ”Looking Back” was recently added. This song is funny though, becuase I orchestrated the song before I finished the solo piano score! The piano version is called ” Sombre Night Sky ”’and is going to be on my next piano solo album release. Sheet music is available HERE !


Take a listen to ”Looking Back” for FREE on SoundCloud! 


New Day

I’m listening to Michael Hedges and getting ready to teach a workshop… its about musical coloring. Cool stuff! He is a big part of my inspiration.

I wrote a song yesterday and im trying to name it. I will hopefully record it in NH if the times are willing. I will make a very bad quality recording of it with my phone ( sorry its all I’ve got 😦 ) and put it on the website. Speaking of music, I just put a music player on the sidebar so look to your left for a few of my dads pieces from “The Poet’s Dream”.

That’s all for today…but share this blog with your friends. I am very excited to be designing and managing my own  website and I want people to see!!! Also follow me on twitter and facebook! I am designing a facebook Highland Artist page and it will be all ready to go soon!

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