Getting to Blog!

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since the website has gone underway in terms of development. At Highland Piano Studios  we have been SUPER BUSY!!! The studio is packed with students! We have four teachers at Highland at the moment and over 100 students coming through a week!

Also, we’ve been composing a ton! I’ve written six new songs for my album and dad has written too many I think! They are very diverse; I can’t wait to record them! We are going up to New Hampshire this summer for the second recording session. This time though we are taking my six-year old sister with us ( Uh oh… ) God knows it will be an interesting trip for sure!!


Not to mention  nous parlons francais maintenant, c’est tres interressant !  If you did not understand that, it says  We speak french now, it is very exciting!! We’ve been studying it for 6 months now and it is about all that we speak. PAS L’ANGLAIS!!!


Au revoir for now, I hope to see y’all soon !



New Day

I’m listening to Michael Hedges and getting ready to teach a workshop… its about musical coloring. Cool stuff! He is a big part of my inspiration.

I wrote a song yesterday and im trying to name it. I will hopefully record it in NH if the times are willing. I will make a very bad quality recording of it with my phone ( sorry its all I’ve got 😦 ) and put it on the website. Speaking of music, I just put a music player on the sidebar so look to your left for a few of my dads pieces from “The Poet’s Dream”.

That’s all for today…but share this blog with your friends. I am very excited to be designing and managing my own  website and I want people to see!!! Also follow me on twitter and facebook! I am designing a facebook Highland Artist page and it will be all ready to go soon!

Here’s the links to all these crazy places 🙂

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