Synth Dreams

Kind of as a joke, something fun to do, I decided to put together a bunch of songs using synth instruments! I figured why not. At Highland, I used the Roland Fantom G8 to record and mix these songs. The album is called Synth Dreams, and I am continually adding to it! I added a few of my Wind Trios and piano scores as well! For the moment it is only available on SoundCloud. You can check it out here : Synth Dreams 

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Un poème en français …

November 10th was a unique day. A bit cooler with a slight breeze, but a sunny day overall. It reminded me of the coming of winter, a season I always anticipate to enjoy. It inspired me to write a poem about it, but this time my thoughts were in french. Don’t worry, I’ll provide a translation, but I think that the french language captures the scene better than the english language can.


Un jour ensoleillé …

Le petit vent, c’est froid …


Je vois le chemin …

Entre les champs et les arbres …


L’herbe est brune et sèche …

L’hiver vient bientôt …


Je cache dans ma tête …

Laisse la vie qui passe …

Reste ici ….




A sunny day …

The slight breeze, a bit cold …


I see the pathway …

Between the fields and the trees …


The grass is brown and dry …

Winter is coming soon …


I hide inside my head …

Leave the life that passes …

Stay here….


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Yet another day… 

Yet another day in the life of a crazy composer… Metaphors and similes don’t cut it. With cool breezes and mellow ambiance, comes the soundscape I desire. With new life, and new strife, people never stay the same. I’ve seen the likeness of many faces… Many phases… It all changes. 

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The story behind “Krazy Kat”

My family has always had numerous amounts of cats. Most of them, if not all, were  named after musicians and poets alike. One cat in particular, Dmitri Shostakovich, loved to hunt and catch birds, mice, and rabbits. Almost every day he would bring in some new “gift”. One day as I was practicing the piano, Dmitri was sitting in the sunlight, acting as if he didn’t care about the music I was playing. I looked at him and told him “Hey, I’m gonna write you a song Dmitri!” And I did! Krazy Kat was written that same day.

The song illustrates Dmitri stretching out in the sun, when all of a sudden, he spots a mouse out of the corner of his cat eye! The chase ensues, and after finally cornering the little mouse, he pleads for mercy. We’re not sure whether or not he ate the little mouse, but the song ends with Dmitri stretching out in the soft sun again.

Now that you know the story, you can listen to the song  for free!



The sky and it’s gentle breeze…

The sky has blown a wind of inspiration to me these past few weeks. The sky has been full of clouds of diverse shape, and the breeze has been cool. We had a period of deep rain and the sky was overtaken by massive black clouds. Many of the evening views were also bright, with full orange and white colors. These had their own sense of beauty, but in a different way than the sombre, lingering storm clouds. All of these various hues and unforgettable scenes inspired me to write my newest composition “Sombre Night Sky”. I included several pictures below, and I hope to record “Sombre Night Sky” soon!


IMG_20160818_194533IMG_20160823_195937IMG_20160818_104323IMG_20160817_201432IMG_20160815_195129IMG_20160815_195108IMG_20160818_194539IMG_20160804_201126~2        IMG_20160815_195122

Notes to Lee

Poetry Site! First of my poems to be here online!

highland poetry

Hello everyone. Patrick Lee Hebert II here. Notes to Lee was a series of poems I wrote about a girl named Emily when I was 14. I wrote 40 of these poems in total. This one is number 28. Hope you enjoy!
When i looked into her eyes

I saw the future and its beholdings

A world of fuzzy lines

And swirling faces
Her eyes not only foretold truth

But they saw my soul

Her dreamy pupils contracted

As they saw lee
Her perspective might have been blurred seeing that spirits are real

Not knowing the evil that lurks

Hiding in the shadows
I imagine I stared stupidly as I astonished God’s creation

Not knowing what I was doing or why

Though unseen voices lay beneath the surface
The ones of remembrance

The one impossible thing to let go of

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Poetry site! 

Hello everyone! Hope all has been going well your way. Recently, me and my father set up a poetry website, where you poets can submit your work and read the words of other poets. I will be putting some of my poetry up there as well! It is still in the developing phases, maybe you can be one of the first people to submit! Go check out the site now, and please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the site! Here’s the link…   submission info and Patrick Sr. “Hazes” will be up for free reading 🙂 

Take care my friends!